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Are You A Discarded Hero?

BREAKING NEWS: The TV/movie rights to NIGHTSHADE have been optioned by Brad Keller's production company. Many thanks to my awesome agent Steve Laube for negotiating the deal. We look forward to working with the amazing Lori Twichell of Beyond the Buzz Marketing as we prepare a pitch for a television series about the Discarded Heroes as a military drama.

We are looking into production options as we prepare this series.



In war, there are no unwounded soldiers. –Jose Narosky

Are you a part of the Armed Forces or a veteran? Have you seen combat and then returned home, discharged . . . and forgotten? This site is for you!

Stepping into the heavy boots of a warrior takes a courageous soul. And yet we have roughly a quarter million soldiers are serving in the war theater. While America may hail these courageous men and women as heroes, rarely are the costs to those heroes tabulated.

As Narosky said, every soldier who faces war is wounded—either in body or mind. Our troops return home. Things are different. Their lives are different. They are different. Burdened with indelible images stamped into their minds and hearts, our heroes try to pick up the pieces and press on in life.

But their souls are weighted. Their minds tormented. They may feel like a failure. For them, the stigma of being weak suffocates many of our troops. Admitting they need help may bring the diagnosis of PTSD or traumatic brain injury, which they may fear will cost them their career. All of these reasons and more may prevent our war-time heroes from seeking the proper medical and psychiatric help.

So, when these men and women—those we've deemed heroes—return home traumatized and psychologically affected, we must be prepared to help support and encourage them.

That is the purpose of this site.

We must open our eyes to the camouflaged victims of war. Our soldiers. The heroes. The Discarded Heroes.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this web site is based on news reports, medical and government documents, and personal analysis. It does NOT represent therapeutic prescription or recommendation. For specific information and advice, consult your health care provider

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